I was born in Halifax, NS, Canada. My dad used to curl every year at a work function, but that was the extent of the family curling, I didn't start curling with my parents like most Canadian kids that curl. My brother started curling in 1989, my mom had to take me to the club anyways, and someone asked me if I wanted to come out onto the ice one day. I was hooked.

It all began in 1992, I was 11 years old and in my third year of curling at the Capital Winter Club in Fredericton, NB Canada. Someone at my club gave me my first broom. It was heavy with a solid wooden handle and a hair bristle head, about 6 inches wide. The whole broom was light brown colored and my need for creativity in my curling began. I searched through my dad's garage and found some hot pink tape, maybe it was supposed to be for a hockey stick. I wrapped the whole handle and head in this tape and boy was it bright!

Fast forward 11 years. I was in my second year of college, taking a class in fashion design and I needed to learn how to make patterns. I didn't have a broom bag, and where I lived every event I went to was within driving distance and I had a locker at my club. The first thing I ever made was a broom bag pattern, I still use that pattern to this day. I had time left before the semester end, so I had my instructor teach me how to pleat kilts, and since then it's been my preferred uniform while I curl and when I cheer teams on.

By 2006 I had been living back in Halifax, finished my degree in Architecture and decided to move to Los Angeles, California. Shortly thereafter I joined the newly formed Hollywood Curling Club and my competitive team, the Bond Girls. We needed uniforms (seriously, we play on arena ice, it's going to be hard for us to compete, we at least need to coordinate!) Curlers are notorious for wearing so much black and that just wasn't my style. So I said to the Bond Girls "If I make us some kilts, just promise me you'll try them out". We've curled in our black and pink kilts all over the US, and internationally. Don't we need a broom bag to match? Of course. Not having a curling pro shop within hundreds of miles from our club brought the need for bags and accessories which could be customized and therefore CinSational Curling was created

Thanks for reading, always be creative in what you do and Good Curling!